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Glenn E. Meyer
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Going hunting is only indicative of sporting use - which is not the RKBA.

There is a continuum of beliefs:

1. No guns
2. Guns for sport - sheer chance you use it for self-defense. Ban evil guns
3. Focus on SD but evil guns - no. You can defend yourself with a double barrel and SW Model 10 (actually not a bad pair for most situations).
4. You should be able to have the evil guns for SD (in more extreme cases) and defense against tyranny.

Most people see #2 as mildly acceptable. However, city folks probably don't like shooting Bambi. In fact, we drove by a group of Bambis last night. They were very cute. You don't really need to shoot their mommas. Just shoot those evil skeets.

If Kagan is moving to a #2, expect her to legitimize EBR and hicap bans.
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