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Lawyer FB page, Members needed.

I want to share this. There is a Facebook page for 'Second Amendment Bar Association' being put up and seeking members in response to the ABA siding with Civilian Disarmament.
Story here--

I believe many members of the Bar feel the same way we do here. I thought I'd promote the page any way possible to help their and our cause so we'll be heard in an articulate manner.

Anyway, I've been posting this request on Pro 2nd. amendment pages trying to get more bar members united, hopefully to share ideas with each other, etc.

Please, all my friends, take a moment and share this and pass along the request for more BAR members. Thanks in advance.

It appears to me some of the members here are lawyers, so I'm posting it here. Please like their page and I doubt it matters if you're a lawyer or not. If you are, you'll be with others and I'm certain you can hammer out arguments better than I ever could.
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