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the chamber in the store bought/over the counter rifle has a chamber that was built for factory ammo without the tolerance. The case when chambered hits at the belt and the shoulder at the same time.

That's amazing. I never knew factory rifles chambered for belted cases made their ammo so well matched to all those chambers that when chambered, both the belt and shoulder contacted those places in the chamber at the same time.

Kudos and other accolades to the companies for keeping their chamber and ammo tolerances in those areas to well under .001".

Now I'm wondering if all company's ammo would fit all other company's chambers the same way. If so, more amazing.
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I hope you do not act that immature when you are at a range. We are all shooters, reloaders and gun owners, when someone looks in from the outside you have an obligation to represent this forum and the NRA in an adult and mature manner.

“I do not provoke” I am a gun owner, I am a reloader.

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Back to the belted magnum, do a search, the 300 Win Mag head spaces on the belt, in the beginning what happened to the case in front of the belt was of little consequence, the purpose of the case body was to expand and seal the chamber. Time is a factor, the case body expands to fill the chamber, the shoulder shoulder when fired forms to the shoulder of the the chamber. If the case body does not have to expand to fill the chamber and the shoulder of the chamber is not beyond the shoulder of the case time is reduced between pulling the trigger and the bullet leaving the barrel. And all that case travel is reduced and then the misunderstood part, the shoulder of the case when fired does not move and the case does not stretch stretch between the case head and case body, all that happens when the reloader continues to use bad habits.

Again, I apply the leaver policy, once the case shoulder forms out to the shoulder of the chamber I leaver where I founder.
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