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NAA Multi-Master 4" barrel in .22 Magnun

"Size wise if a .32/.380/9mm mousegun is too big then you are probably better off carrying a rape whistle because that .22 NAA mini is just going to **** someone off." - Gelgoog

When a bad guy gets hit in the brain with a VMax bullet at 1450 fps from 10-15ft, he'll be just as dead as from a .45ACP; he won't even know the difference. The 4" barrel in these guns allows the .22WMR to develop about the same ballistics as from a 22WMR rifle at 100 yards. That's enough to explode a squirrel so bad it's impossible to use the meat. Which means it can be counted on to do a job on the bad guy's brain.

The longer 4" barrel also vastly improves the accuracy of the NAA guns. The human brain is not a tough target at my max engagement range 10-15 ft from a gun that will do half dollar sized groups at 30 feet. With the custom ankle holster I'm making, I can be nicely dressed and still look unarmed even to someone looking closely. That leaves me the option to engage when I choose, or to not engage at all. I"ll be far more comfortable sitting down to dinner and drinks than someone that has a small frame auto stuffed down their pants or under their arse.

For sure, one of these trumps any three .45s you left at home or in your glove box
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