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Unsafe Trigger System In Reminton 700 Rifles

I just had a customer of mine that has several Remington 700 rifles call me and ask about Remingtons unsafe triggers.
He said he was watching a TV show that claimed Remington 700 trigger systems to be unsafe and he's very concerned.

I told him in all my years of being in business I only knew of one 700 ADL that fired unintentionally and it did so when the safety was disengaged.
In all fairness to Remington that 700 ADL trigger mechanisim was full of all kinds of debris that could have caused the problem, after it was cleaned it never happened again to my knowledge.

I own several Remington 700 rifles and I've never had an accidental discharge from any of them, and mine have some fairly light trigger pulls on them.

Has anyone here had an accidental discharge from a Remington 700 because of mechanical failure of the trigger system?

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Bob Hunter

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