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I used to live in the great state of Arizona. I miss that place.

Anyways, now I live in Ohio, and I got called into work on my off day. (Manager at a car dealership)

I told my Operations Director when I got there that I had my M&P on me, and I was on my bike when I got the call so I couldn't stop and drop it off. He told me it's fine, and asked me to show a car to a friend of his.

His friend was a pretty well-off business owner from the area, and was looking at our most expensive car in the line up. Everything went fine, loved the test drive, then when we got back to the dealership, I somehow got my M&P tangled up in the seat belt.

The gentleman caught on very quick to my problem, showed me his holster and said "I never have that problem." Flashed a quick smile and carried on.

Turns out the "business owner" just opened a new gun store. We are both customers for life of each other now. Haha.
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