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The L-Framed Smiths were heavy, true, but not as heavy an an N-Framed gun with a full length lugged barrel.
Between a 4" 586 and a 4" 629 there is 1.5 oz of difference.

The L-Framed gun appealed to law enforcement because of its K-Framed size grip. The N-Frame, good as it is, is often too big, with a too long backstrap to trigger length, for many men to be able to fire multiple shots DA with rapidity and accuracy.
3.34" vs 3.68" = .34" difference. It is a little longer, proper grip selection can mitigate this, but we are already talking about an N frame with the 41. Rate of accurate fire relates more to the skill of the shooter. Most cops I have worked with are not what I would call skilled shooters.
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