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I've seen a few 3" versions on gunbroker go for $650-ish in the past year or two. My high bid on one of those was $600, so I let it go. I saw another locally for $700 about a year ago, and one about 4 years ago for $600.

The most common ones I see locally are the 6" models, and most of the time they are in the mid to high $400s. I've not seen one in more than a year though.

FYI, S&W revolver prices in NC tend to be higher than most other places. Deals can be found, but they are few and far between. The best I've ever done in NC was a 5" S&W K Frame Transitional M&P for $230 2 or 3 years ago, and a 4" 15-3 in NIB condition for $309 4 years ago. I bought a 2.5" 66-1 (P&R) in VA and had it shipped to an FFL for much cheaper ($450 out the door) than they usually go for in NC (mid $500s).

So in NC, the days of the $400 magnum K Frame are just about over. Heck, most .38s I see (Model 10s and 15s mostly) are in the upper $300s. I saw a well worn nickel 4" Model 10-6 (about 70% finish wise) with a $750 price tag outside Charlotte 4 years ago.

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