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All hail F. Guffey. Pretty bold statement there pal. I guess the rest of us should just shut up and listen.
Gun control is hitting what you aim at..

Flashhole, thank you, guess? I said it can not be done, if you choose to get control of sizing a case acquire a good understanding of chamber length from the datum/shoulder back to the bolt face, this technique will put you ahead of ‘fire formers’ by knowing the length of the chamber first you can form first, then fire, all of this with a small investment of about $11.00 +/- $5.00, yes I am still recommending a reloader purchase the companion tool to the press, the feeler gage. Name dropping can be continued because there is STARETT, ole LUFKINS, BROWN & SHARP etc., I avoid the name dropping because I believe the person I am talking to can see through the effort.

“Shut up and listen”?, Listen? I expect you to continue to ignore information available to you.

Again, it has never been necessary to grind the bottom of the die or top of the shell holder, and Redding Competition shell holders at $40.00 a set is an expensive alternative to ignoring information available.

Again, a reloader is sizing cases with total disregard for the presses ability to overcome the the cases ability to be sized. I adjust my die to avoid sizing, I limit the amount of sizing that can be accomplished. I am the only reloader than that can adjust my die to the shell holder in my press and get 5 different case length when measured from the shoulder to the case to the head of the case, meaning adjusting my die to or off the shell holder does not guarantee perfect and predictable case length if I ignore a case’s ability to resist sizing. BUT! Even then, with the feeler gage (the humblest/most modest of tools without a pedigree) I can determine if the press won and sized the case, or, of the case won and was not sized, everything hanging out between the die and shell holder did not get sized/stuffed into the die.

No secret, I am waiting for someone to discover ‘it’, the difficulty in sizing comes when the case is full length sized the final few thousandths. I am the only fan of ‘not abusing the press, I do not force the press/die/shell holder to full length size if full length sizing is not necessary. I know, bench resters, they do it, I am happy for them, bench resters are not shooting my rifles, I have a few rifles that shoot, if they did reload for those few rifles they would take all the credit for the accuracy.

reminds me, I am bogged down, with building a gage for a 50 BMG, There is no shortage of 50BMG cases around here and available to me, problem, the case heads, if I do not like the reading I can rotate the case in the gage, sizing? .018” is the no load number for sizing, I adjust the die to the shell holder (.000”), then size the case, the die after bringing the case up to the top of its travel has a .018” gap between the die and shell holder. The press is an A2 RCBS. Down side, getting the die to give the case back and then there is the problem with the neck sizer plug. Anything Dillon lube and Imperial wax is not the answer. My friend insist both are among the best and for that reason we are going to use Dillon and or Imperial., back to my lube, no pedigree. I have started over. now I am working on a ‘one fits all’ 50 BMG chamber length gage.

F. Guffey

Back to ‘never necessary to grind the bottom of the die and or top of the shell holder’ I have shell holders that are shell holders but can not be used for controlling the length of the case from the head for short chambers, I can use them to increase the length of the case from the head to its shoulder, not a problem, they (the old shell holders) have an advantage not available from other shell holders.
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