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I have a LGS about ten miles from my home. I've bought MOST of my firearms there and am on a first name basis with the owner. Recently called asking for a price on a specific revolver. "I'll call you back". Never got the call back. No big deal. I stopped in and got "'s been so busy I forgot all about you" so I left him the printout of the gun I wanted the price on, with my number and got "I will call you back".

He never did. After a couple of weeks I drove to another shop, who I'd rather not give the money to, and bought the gun.

I think the 1 & 2 man operations, at least here in NY, are just so overwhelmed with business right now that 1) they don't have time for special requests and 2) frankly, they don't need the business that badly right now.

I'm trying to be understand to a guy who's treated me really well, and give him the benefit of the doubt because I've seen his shop go from nearly empty every day, to jammed FULL of customers every day since this latest crisis, but it still left a bad taste in my mouth.

Not surprised that it's happening elsewhere.
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