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This didn't happen to me (honest, it wasn't me) but this was on the scanner yesterday in Phoenix.

Highway Patrol is dispatched to a guy that "left part of his handgun on the roof of his car" then drove off. Now part of his gun was on the freeway. Not sure what the "part of his gun" was. May have lost something in the translation between caller, call taker, dispatcher etc. In any event, they sent a Highway Patrol unit who set up a road block. Trooper tells dispatcher to advise the caller "When he sees my unit with the lights on, tell him he can go out and retreive the item". A few minutes later, trooper calls in and advises "Subject has retreived his item, 10-8".

Chuckling at the difference in how this might have been handled in a less handgun friendly area like CA or NY instead of Arizona.

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