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Lemon Squeezer Idendification

Bought this Smith & Wesson yesterday in decent mechanical shape. Caliber is .32 S&W (added via edit). Can someone idendify the model/version and date range for me? I'm trying to figure out if this was made in the black powder or smokeless powder era. Numbers match but I thought it was odd that there wasn't a S&W emblem on the side of the frame. The only S&W marking is on the barrel with the patant dates. Serial number is 51,XXX. Sorry about the poor cell phone pictures, but hopefully they show enough detail for identification.

Last patant date reads "Two Aug 4, 95" with what appears to be a small square with an X in it in the superscript location.

Grips are in excellent shape and lock up is tight.

John M.
Mesa, AZ

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