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...I brought up the 40 in a gun shop the other day and got immediately shot down by a cop no less... I'm confused I thought police were gravitating towards the 40 not away. According to those gents the 40 and the 45gap are one their way out the door and in 20 years they'll be gone.
It's true that many police forces are gravitating away from .40S&W and towards 9mm. Many newer premium 9mm defensive loads have proven themselves to be more effective than older 9mm ammo, thereby eroding the longstanding notion that 9mm is relatively ineffective. This has caused many departments to adopt 9mm for the same reasons that it's popular with civilian shooters: more rounds fit in the same size gun, and the ammo is cheaper.

That said, rumors of the impending death of .40S&W have been greatly exaggerated. It's far too popular to simply vanish. It's erroneous to compare it to a cartridge like .45GAP, which is only usable in a handful of guns that have been adopted by very few police forces. Even if one disregards every .40S&W handgun that has been sold on the commercial market, that still leaves literally millions of .40S&W pistols that have been sold to American LE agencies, and many of these pistols will one day hit the surplus market.

Look at .38 Special. It shares some of .40S&W's disadvantages compared to 9mm; the guns are lower capacity, and the cartridge is physically larger and costs more. .38Spl used to be the de facto American police standard, but most departments retired their .38 revolvers 25-30 years ago, and the cartridge has all but disappeared from law enforcement except for the odd backup gun in an ankle holster. However, you can still buy it at EVERY gun shop and big-box sporting goods discounter, and handloading supplies are plentiful.

If you like .40, buy it. Don't worry that it will disappear. It won't.
Originally Posted by Eric M.
Now on to the .40. I reload for all of my guns, and the pressure in the .40 is close to the .45acp while shooting a much lighter bullet.
I assume you're talking about felt recoil, not operating pressure.

9mm and .40S&W operate at very similar internal pressures, both of which are well in excess of .45ACP.
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