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If you COULD find a 686 (L frame, not K) in a snubbie bbl, I think it would be a fabulous gun. I think that the "concealability" of any gun is almost completely dependent on it's grips, rather than the rest of the gun. ie, an 8 3/8 inch revolver would really hide just as easily as a 2 inch revolver. You've just got more bbl tucked down into your pants. It's the grips that are showing. And to further that, I believe that the "sharpness" vs "smoothness" of the grips are what makes one gun print more than another. Those bob handled 1911s conceal better than a regular square handled model because of the round off. Put smooth, rounded grips on a 686 and it will hide nearly as well as a J frame.

Width of guns is really not that different. Example -
S&W Chief's Special J Frame Snubby - 1 1/4" at widest
S&W Mod 66 357 Mag K frame 4" - 1 7/16" at widest

The bigger, six shot magnum is only 3/16 wider than the smaller 5 shot 38.

Height of the guns are also not that different. The magnum is 1/2" "taller" than the snubbie. 3 1/2 vs 3 inches, top strap to bottom of trigger guard.

Generally a 357 should be a stronger gun than a 38. And, of course, you can shoot 38s in a 357.

Carrying a 357, loaded with 38s, is a concept worth considering, IMO. In an urban situation, that magnum may go through the bad guy, then into the lady with the baby stroller 4 aisles over in the grocery store. Or through the burglar, your sheetrock, your horse trailer then into the paper boy out front.

In my case, if carrying a magnum, it's loaded with 38s if urban, hot magnums if hiking in the desert. One is protecting against overpenetration, the other is protecting against wildcats, bears and heavily armed drug runners.

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