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I agree with Lee.

The weakness of the S&W K Frame .357 forcing cone is probably overstated, as long as you feed it .38s or heavier grain .357s (preferably 158s), and you don't shoot a bazillion magnums a year, they'll hold up fine.

That said, the Taurus 66 does have a sturdier forcing cone as it isn't cut off at the bottom. More proof that the Taurus 66 isn't an exact clone of the S&W. They are actually very nice guns, some of the more highly regarded models that Taurus makes (oddly, Taurus quality seems to vary a LOT by model, like they have expert gunsmiths on one line and retarded, ADHD monkeys on another ). Granted, the finish quality isn't quite as good as S&W and the quality of the trigger varies more from gun-to-gun. I had a Taurus 66 6" 7 shot for a while, it was truly a wonderful gun. Held up fine to magnum ammo and it was dead nuts accurate. The trigger stacked a little, but it was smooth. I was an idiot for selling it, gonna have to do something about that one day.
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