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Changed my mind on universal background checks.

Originally Posted by MLeake View Post
The only check I could even consider getting behind would be along these lines:

1) The check is to obtain a license that is good for both purchase/transfer and for carry;

2) Licensees get the same benefits as retired LEOs do under LEOSA (IE carry in any state, according to each state's laws for its own licensed carriers);

3) Checks at purchase are only to verify validity of the license, and are not allowed to record actual firearms sold to any database.

Take out any one of those three legs, and I won't consider a proposal. Also, should a proposal like this be made, it would be illustrative to watch the votes in Congress, as it would immediately show which gun control proponents really want a registry, as opposed to a means to ensure that guns are only sold to the law-abiding.
The pen (written word) is mightier than the sword (arms).

So I propose we should make you obtain a license with a background check prior to allowing you to write letters to the editor, attend peaceful protests in city parks, call in on talk radio shows, or post on internet forums.

1A vs 2A.
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