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built very solidly but not overweight like the S&W

I've heard ruger over S&W before, but never for S&W's high weight. All I need to do now is hear about ruger's superior trigger.
Roger may be speaking about the 617, which is a bit barrel heavy, particularly the 6" version.


Nice K-22! They really are the gold standard in double action .22 revolvers. I also removed the perfect condition diamond magnas from mine for safe keeping, and installed a set of Ahrends. Just realized I've not shot my K-22 (17-0) recently, I'm going to have to do something about that. They have gone up a lot in price, I picked mine up for $430 7 or so years ago. Of course, some picked theirs up 35+ years ago for under $100. Great find!

I did end up getting a cheapie, well worn H&R 622 for those days when I don't feel like cleaning the K-22 afterwards (it is kept religiously clean, the H&R, not so much ) . It's a good little shooter (better than the Taurus 94 IMHO for less money), but not in the same league as the K-22.
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