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darkgael wrote:
Y'know....I have to agree with the comment that "life isn't a contest."
And....y'all are making me rethink that feelng that I carry with me....that competitive drive to measure myself against others.
Sorry if my comments offended anyone.
I certainly wasn't offended. And I apologize if my come back sounded like I was argumentative.

I see a lot of private students (in several fields, music, shooting, athletics et al). A LOT of them, mostly males BTW, seem to want to view "success" as "winning contests". I'm not sure why the girlies are less contest oriented. My teaching approach is to try and allow the student to discover the zen of their movements rather than the "win or fail" mentality. It's not always easy to truly enjoy a trigger pull or a push-up or a single guitar chord. But that's the direction I want to allow my students to go.

I truly believe that ANY individual can excell at ANY endeavor, if they work at it. We were all born with two arms and two legs (some less). None of us were born with the "shooting chromosome" or the "guitar playing chromosome". "Talent" is not something anyone is born with. It's something ANYone can develop. Every one of us has the same challenges we need to confront and ACCEPT. Lots of us will confront and then FIGHT OFF the challenge by adopting the attitude like "Well, he's more talented than me, I could never shoot (play, run whatever) as good as him". To which I say - poo poo. Relax and feel the acceptance of the challenge. Embrace the challenge. Don't try and "conquer" the challenge, use it to improve.

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