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Originally Posted by MTAR
Yeah, I looked up NRA pistol training courses and saw that there are some in N.Y. but do I need to have a permit to even try them in N.Y.?
Originally Posted by Ale Golem
The course in NY only let's you use airsoft pistols so no license required however the course in VT needs no license either, as there are no real firearms laws in VT, and gives you hands on experiance with several caliburs, makes and models of firearms.
Originally Posted by MTAR
That's probably the most mentally challenging thing I've ever heard.
Agreed, however in order for their "firearms training" courses to comply with NY state law they're not allowed to let anyone lay hands on a pistol that is not on that individual's personal permit. Remember, techinically it's illegal to walk into a gun store and handle a handgun before you purchase it in NY. Luckily 100% of shops ignore this stipulation.
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