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Thanks Pete, I do have a 6" Model 14 (-1) and used it with some success a couple of years ago but have gravitated toward the larger calibers for centerfire. Currently I'm using a 5" 625-3 and am shooting in the 770s with it, but posted my best centerfire score so far (784) last year with my 6" 629-4. I've tried a number of times to best that with my 6" 686-4 but for some reason have struggled with .38 specials vs. .44 specials and .45 ACPs.

I really need to start shooting my 14-1 more again now that my basic skills have improved, plus I need to find some Distinguished Revolver matches in which I can shoot.

From what I read in the Distinguished Program rules, you have to score in the highest 10% of non-Distinguished competitors at a competition held at the NRA Nationals, State Championship or Regional Tournament in order to score 6-10 points toward the 30 points required for the DR badge - does that sound right? Also, you have to shoot 158 gr. RN or SWC ammo. I guess I'll have to switch from 148 grain to 158 grain for future matches.

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