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A bit of clarification may prevent undue development of some concerns expressed.

Originally Posted by overhead
The federal government is allowed to tell me I cannot carry a weapon onto a military base, and that seems to have past the constitutional muster. But, as a private property owner I cannot do the same thing?
As noted by Tyme, this proposed law does not pertain to your private residential property. To the degree you invite the public generally onto your commercial property, you would not be permitted to prohibit people from having arms in their cars where you are unable to detect those arms through normal observation.

As a practical consequence of such a law, a business owner would not be able to give criminal law status to his wish to prohibit those he invites onto his property from possessing arms concealed in their cars.

Originally Posted by overhead
Must I allow their freedom of speech/expression? If they have a klan sticker on their vehicle must I allow them to park it on my property? I would say no, I don't.
A clan sticker on the outside of a vehicle is subject to ordinary observation.

The protection described in this bill is very narrow.

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