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Hullo to Everyone:)

Good morning Folks!
I am very happy to visit this forum finding it very interesting and useful. I am not American but I love the good American people and your never ending Country.
As usual for us Italians this has been a fantastic and unexpected discovery I made last summer: holy smoke, after that I am no more as I was before.
One of things I appreciate a lot of USA is the Second Amendment. We in Italy (and for to most this problem involves all Old Europe) are not so lucky, not having at all such a constitutional bastion, so important & meaningful. We are prey of the robbers and violent people: they have the best weapons instead we good guys have generally bare hands. Yes, we are truely in a miserable situation; above all for many women (and their families) this has meant and means a nightmare impossible to forget.
Last summer I could not imagine such an attack against the Bill of Rights (because, sadly, this is the situation now), therefore even as a foreigner I joined -National Rifle Association of America-. I like this membership card: it has the Incipit from –The Declaration of Independence-.
Bros, for the moment it’s all, best regards from Italy.
-Hold the Fort!-
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