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Re: I open carried today

Here in Wisconsin, OC was legal before we were able to CC. With that said I have yet to OC. My thoughts are this. I'm one of the GGs who will never be the first to draw my pistol. It will always be the BG up to no good who will be the first to display a weapon. This always give him the advantage. If I was OCing and he sees that, he is going to eliminate anyone he sees as a threat just as we would be as the GGs in a SHTF scenario. I would be the first in his crossairs and he has his gun already drawn. If I'm CCing, he may pay me no attention and be none the wiser. Now I have the advantage.

Now could OC deter the BG from carrying out a potential crime? Sure could. Seeing me with a gun might make him think this is not the place to be and move onto the next gas station or restaurant. I'm sorry, but I'm not counting on a BG to provide any rational judgement and sacrafice any advantage I have to try to avoid any potential harm to me. Now is there any actual rock solid proof that you are better off CCing. Probably not. But thinking it through logically, it seems better to me. I'm all for those who do OC, but I choose not to myself.

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