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Originally Posted by farmboy
Can anyone provide an example of a polymer framed gun that has the style and grace that a fine steel framed gun has?

How can cast plastic capture the heart and soul as well as the beauty of polished blue or stainless?
What is style and grace? I have always associated those attributes with smooth, flowing lines and an uncluttered appearance. Even the designs of classic steel guns have been adulterated by the addition of rails and other "tactical" modifications. And highly polished blued guns are nearly a thing of the past; most steel framed guns that are not stainless have some sort of highly durable but drab coating these days.

Styles in gun development have shifted from aesthetics to functionality. Polymer guns largely mirror the characteristics of steel framed guns developed during the same period. Compare a current, railed Beretta 92A1 to a Beretta PX-4. Does either one have much more "heart and soul" than the other?

Can a polymer gun be stylish and graceful? I think so, but even the design of the gun pictured below has subsequently succumbed to the addition of a boxy picatinny rail and squared trigger guard.

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