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I am a .41 Magnum fan, but I agree with Jeff Cooper's phrase re another matter-"An ingenious solution to a non-existent problem." Like the 10MM Auto it was meant to fill that so-called "caliber gap"-which it did nicely-but really didn't fill any real need. Some people felt with demise of the black poweder 41 Colt an new smokeless powder was needed. IIRC there was a wildcat called the 400 Eimer in the 1920s and Colt experimented with a Colt 41 Special in the 1930s. What the gun writers really wanted was a revolver like the S&W L frame firing a 200 grain bullet at about 800-900 fps-sort of a 44 Special "Lite". Instead we got a 44 Magnum "Lite" built on the N-Frame. A great gun,but not quite what was envisioned.
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