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My local Wally World had been out of ANY type of 22LR ammo until today. The last time I saw it was over a month ago. The other popular types were hit or miss - I saw (and grabbed) 45ACP and 40S&W FMJ when the 100-round boxes showed up, but the rest of the shelves were getting picked clean.

When I asked the guy with the keys to the ammo case today he said they had again changed their policy - it is now one box per customer per day. This is in the best-supplied chain in the world, as deep into Texas as you can be. So it's not like ammo or gun owners were scarce before. Everyone here already had what they needed, but were buying anything that showed up. My LGS guy said last week that he bought 6 boxes (him and his wife) of 9mm when it showed up on the Wal-Mart shelves just so he would have something for people in his CCW classes to shoot.

Anyway, I grabbed a box of 325 22LR rounds just because.
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