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Thanks Jim K for the help.
The serial number on the left side under the grip is R66195. It has a safety on the trigger. Plastic grips with an owl head facing the trigger. The release bar for the barrel has round knurled areas about a quarter inch diameter on both sides at the back of the release bar for grabbing and lifting the bar. Thought maybe this info may help.
It's not in real bad shape but the trigger sticks to the rear when fired and you have to push it back forward.
And, turning by hand, the cylinder will keep rotating clockwise, looking from rear of gun as if aiming, without stopping. But when you pull the trigger it seems to line itself up to the barrel bore and locks the cylinder just before firing.
Is that how these older guns worked?
The barrel looks in pretty good shape, clean and I can see the rifleings real well.
If it is, do you think it may be alright to shoot?
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