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Hello everyone! First of all, for the new (or hoping to be new gun owners), search the semiauto or revolver forums - lots of good info there and very similar questions to what you might have are probably already answered in great detail by the sharp members on this site!

As for me, I've owned guns for years but have recently (bad timing on my part) gotten back into shooting regularly. I'm a former Air Force pilot (hence the user name), still flying for a living and thankfully living in the great state of Texas.

I am a big Sig Sauer fan. The first gun I bought was a Sig P220 in 45ACP. I got it back in 1995 so it's one of those Sig's manufactured in West Germany. That thing has sat in the box for years at times (notably when I was stationed in New Jersey) but has never once had a malfunction. When I started buying guns again I went back to Sig. I now have a P226 .40S&W and a P229 .22LR. Today I also grabbed a Sig Mosquito in 22LR. Gotta love plinkin'.

In a fit of insanity I also bought a Beretta PX4 Storm Compact in .40S&W. Holy recoil Batman!

Looking forward to sharing knowledge and good times with the people on this forum!
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