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I read the article this morning... All in all, I thought it was good, and it was good for the WSJ primary audience to hear it.

The author asks that gun owners exert peer pressure on those of us who are unsafe or careless... But that has been exactly my experience. Gun owners DO exert peer pressure to promote safe and responsible ownership. I have witnessed it several times... I myself had to remind some dit-ship a few years ago that his Ruger 10/22 was not a toy, I was afraid he was going to shoot one of his kids (!!!)

But I think the author heaps too much blame and responsibility onto gun owners. He asks us to self-police ourselves... But a few pages later I read that 4000 pedestrians are killed every year by cars.... So why are drivers not being asked to police themselves better? Under that logic, any racial/ethnic group could be held morally responsible for the behavior of a few, and we could ask them to do a better job policing themselves.

If a gun owner does not keep his guns locked up, and burglar steals them, well, bad on him. That gun owner bears some moral responsibility. But is the entire gun-owning population somehow to blame because we did not properly shame the guy into buying a gun safe? Really?

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