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Erie was a coal mining town,years past.For a s,all town to have a good industry like MagPul is a great thing,and,MagPul is an innovator that makes quality products.If they leave .it will seriously hurt the folks of Erie.

The thing to understand is,there is Colorado,and there is Denver.

The urban.The politicians.

They do not give a damn they are wiping out the economy of a town.

Oh,my goodness,we would hear about it if they were laying off 200 teachers and closing some schools.

But then,they are better people,and they matter.Mere manufacturing jobs,oh,well,train into something else,adapt!!Make pizza!

Come on,2014.

Folks,I showed up at the polls.Some of you did,some of you did not.

All you people who came up with reasons to not vote,YOU OWN THIS!!

You failed.You let us all down.

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