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Custom Speedfeed 12" LOP

I was looking for a 12" LOP stock. I purchased the Hogue 12". It's pretty good but I don't like the traditional form; I feel like my wrist is forced into an awkward angle. I had a Speedfeed IV Tactical stock with pistol grip that I liked, but it has close to a 14" LOP (they advertise 13" LOP, but I found it to be closer to 14"). I took a band saw to the stock and recoil pad, taking off ~1.5" from the stock and ~0.5" from the recoil pad. The holes in the stock for the recoil pad screws are parallel, so after taking off 2", the screws still thread into the same holes. This mod left the swing swivel hole on the stock, now closer to the recoil pad. It's a tad longer than the Hogue 12". Give it a try, I love it.

Careful with the top screw. I warped and cracked the stock putting that back in, as there's not much stock material around that hole. You might want to drill out a larger hole or use a smaller and/or shorter screw. My stock still retains the screw, but you should keep an eye on it and avoid unnecessary damage.

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