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Bob Wright
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The big disappointment in the .41 Magnum came because it was not the gun/cartridge combination so desired by law enforcement officers of the time.

The gun they dreamed of was one to replace the .38 Special/.357 Magnum revolvers then in use, notably the K- Framed Smiths and Colt's medium framed Troopers and Official Police revovlers.

What would have been an ideal cartridge would have been a .40 or .41 caliber cartridge that could have been built on these frame sizes. Something just a like the current .40 S&W or similar round that maybe could be handled in, say, an L-Framed Smith.

The .41 Magnum was too much for urban police use, and the N-Frame too heavy for most daily police routine.

Fine as it is, the .41 Magnum just missed the targeted market.

Bob Wright
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