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Good points... especially on the break in.

The shooter only had 40 rounds of ammo (with shortages as they are, that's all he could come up with). The course was a day clinic, so he ended up being able to meet criteria with the ammo he had.

The two shots on the 100 yard target are actually the 2nd and 3rd shots from the brand new barrel. The first shot was a bore-sight... we did clean the barrel with Butch's after 10 to 12 shots, on three occasions during the course. But even cold clean bore shots were not terribly off point...

I looked around for a bad review, and like you, found none. A member above (in this thread) has mentioned that his bolt came apart... that can't be a good thing. But I'm sure Ruger will make it right, their customer service is very good...

I didn't know how those "V" blocks would work in lieu of a traditional recoil lug, but they do seem to work. I don't know how far Ruger wants to press their strength (i.e. with heavy magnums)... but for non-magnums they seem to work.

IIRC they're recommending around 80 inch pounds of torque on those action screws. The design is different, but seems to work.

Hopefully, some stock makers will get into making some laminated stocks for these... or maybe since the rifles are selling so well, Ruger themselves might begin offering them with heavy barrels and laminated stocks in varmint calibers...

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