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I have a Super Bearcat - circa early 70s - and I would echo what rep1954 said. It is a fun little gun to shoot and I sort of have kept it for my "wife's gun" if she goes to the range with us when we shoot. It's a nice little plinker and a great size to carry on hikes. etc. I certainly wouldn't expect it to take the eye out of a gnat at 50 paces, but overall, mine does a good job.

Mine is in "pristine" condition so I try to keep it nice along with the original box and paperwork. I wanted a "knock around" SA 22 so I picked up a Heritage Rough Rider with a 4 3/4" barrel. Certainly not a Ruger but I've been very happy with it. . . and I also own Colts, S & Ws, etc.

Good luck with your Bearcat if you decide to get it. I think they are a fine little pistol and if there are any problems, Ruger should make it right as they seem to offer fine customer service. . . . but it should be just fine right out of the box. With the ammo shortage, the nice thing is that in a SA 22 you also have the option of shooting shorts instead of LR if they aren't available. Where I am for the winter - LR just aren't on the shelves but i was able to get a quantity of shorts that will work well in my Bearcat, RR and the Henry.
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