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Petah do you recall the names of the dealers? I'd love to go up there and check them out. I'll most likely head up to the Beretta gallery next weekend though I was under the impression that they only had their premium level firearms. $100,000 for a shotgun is a bit out of my price range haha.

The Citori looks like a wise choice as well but I'm split on which one I should purchase. All three are aesthetically pleasing. I want something that not only will give me pride in ownership but last for generations as an heirloom.

From what I've read it's necessary that the shotgun feels like an extension to my body. Performance wise is there really any major differences between a SxS and O/U other than the sight plane? Also what are these choke tubes that I keep reading about? Are they really THAT necessary to purchase? Thank you for y'alls input. I really appreciate it.
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