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Unlike similar offerings from Remington and (OMG) even Savage...this "budget" line from Ruger doesn't seem to have a negative review online that I've seen yet.

From the simple, 3-lug short-throw bolt (such a simplistic piece of "engineering") to the hammer-forged barrel, Ruger has hit a definite winner.

A testament to the ammo and the rifle (not to mention the shooter!).

Interesting, in that you did no "break-in"- and it seems to have needed none. Not what you'd typically expect from a price-point barrel like this.

It all points to quality and tight tolerances in the machining and assembly. It would be interesting for someone with the equipment and the knowledge to measure such things as concentricity of the action/bore, trueness of the boltface and lugs to the recesses...all the usual "stuff" that makes a rifle accurate. Then compare them to the much higher priced offerings.

I was very skeptical of the bedding "blocks" on this stock- so "cheesy" looking...but if that action were moving around in the stock, you wouldn't have the results you got.

Makes ya wonder what it could do with some load development, huh?
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