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A 3" or 4" K Frame sounds like a good option. A round butt 3" S&W Model 13 (.357) is a great all around handgun, as would be a 3" Model 10 (.38). Honestly though, I carry K Frames with barrels ranging from 2.5 to 4" and I find the 4" to be the most comfortable barrel length for carry (Note I am 6'7" and 185 to 190 lbs). For some reason, the longer barrel and holster (IWB) some how snugs up against me better and more comfortably than the shorter lengths. Also, I think with a larger holster for the longer barrel length the pressure of the gun pressing against my side is spread out over a larger area. Overall I find K Frames to be exceedingly easy to carry and conceal with a good holster and gunbelt.
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