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About 15 years ago I went on a hunting trip to South Africa. Friend of mine there wanted me to bring a Ruger SS 270 with boat paddle stock so he could buy it off me when I was done hunting. Tried my best to convince him to let me bring him a Remington 30/06, but he insisted. Just so happened a big chain store was going out of business and I found the 270 there for a really good price. Then I thought I better shoot it to see if it works before taking it overseas, put a scope on it, bought some cheap Federal 130 grain ammo and took it out to the desert in AZ. First 5 shots at 100 yards could be covered by a quarter. Could not believe my eyes, took me a long time and lots of different reloads to make my Winchester 30/06 to shoot half this good! Shot another group really taking my time, and had an even better group.

I though no way in hades am I selling him this rifle, ran back to the store and bought another one! It shot good as well, not quite as good but still a 3/4 moa rifle. Shot 7 springbuck with it, including a double. He hunted extensively with it, shot lots of animals with it, including a springbuck at what he said was 430 meters, and was happy as a pig in Palestine with it.

I still have the Ruger, just shot it about a month ago in real windy conditions at 200 yards, and shot a decent group. It actually became my wife's elk rifle, but she never got a shot at one.
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