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Around where I live, I talked to employees at 3 major chains. THey all told me they believed the ammo was being bought up by guys who are then selling it at gunshows. Every truck day at Academy, Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops, these guys were lining up. I say 'were' bc all 3 of those chains have introduced per customer/per visit buying restrictions. But what was going on was these guys would queue up in the parking lot at 6-7 AM. They'd wait on the store to open. THen they'd buy up all the .223, 9MM, .45, .308, .22 LR, everything they could get. Before the restrictions, Academy was dealing with it by giving them all a number so they could keep some order - i.e. so they could deal w these guys in the order they arrived. But then they found the first buyer was buying 20 - 50 boxes of ammunition. So these guys create the scarcity, and then sell the ammo at gun shows at inflated prices.

Now we have restrictions on how much you can buy, but I still can't get any ammo or even components. It seems like, to the original poster's point, the stuff just isn't arriving.
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