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Why .41 Magnum?

Why .41 mag? Why not a 44? It seems that the 44 will do anything and everything that the 41 will do and with more choices in loads. Correct me if I'm wrong, but would I be better off with the 44 in the long run?
The 44 mag will do anything and everything that a 41 mag does. As others have said, if you are not a handloader/reloader you should choose the 44. The 44 throws a slightly heavier bullet at the same velocity as the 41. Max loads for either have stout recoil and will take similar game, if the shooter does his/her job.

Just "to stir the puddin", you may want to consider revolvers in .45 L Colt. Buffalo Bore has some heavy loads for the Ruger Redhawk and Blackhawk (260 gr. @ 1,500 fps).

I personally own a few .41 Mag revolvers.
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