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It's the product of the time. I was looking for 2 particular handguns and finally found them at Ganders Mountain... about $95 higher than here, but they had them. I was not at all happy paying that much more, but they had them. They sent them to an FFL dealer local and all went great. Nearest Gander over 400 miles from here. A friend liked mine and wanted one... but they were sold out there as well. When they got em back in, they were $135 higher, he argued and they sold them out too. He just bought one from them... $230 more than they were 3 months ago. Right now I believe every dealer is laughing all the way to the bank.
Reno just had a big gun show this weekend.... those guys are getting it while they can, in case they can't later, and had plenty of buyers. Can't blame them, but the buyers sure quit smiling.
I think the dealers should give that guy a huge trophy for being the best salesman in the country.
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