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Originally Posted by briarbramble
Even more perplexing is the dry up of .22 cal rim fire ammo. Why would the ACC be hoarding this? I know of no threat to .22 rim fire ammo that would cause a need to hoard.
Your answer can be found in American's lack of confidence in their government and the economy. (see recent polls) Anyone that can balance a checkbook understands you can't sustain the massive gov spending on borrowed credit. They know that this hasn't occurred in their lifetime and financial "judgement day" is around the corner. With that said, they are preparing for the possible scenarios for when the gov credit card bill comes due.

Many will resort to reloading, hence the stockpiling of center-fire reloading components. But everyone realizes there's no reloading rim fire cartridges. Since more rim fires exist than any other caliber, it stands to reason the demand will be high. Rim fire is also cheaper so those wanting practice ammo will use it before depleting their center fire inventories. Lastly, it's easier to transport and afford 500 rounds of rim fire than the equivalent of center fire ammo.
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