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In other words, it was too much trouble for him to write a letter or even to fire up the computer and pop off an e-mail. He expects the NRA to do it all for him. And when the NRA does its best and that isn't good enough, you can bet he won't blame himself for not having written those letters. He'll blame the NRA for not having done "enough."
That echoes my experience in 1994. I was pretty jaded and cynical for a long time after that.

I got better for awhile, and given all the gains we've made lately, I started to get optimistic. The problem is, I'm hearing all the same drivel I heard from gun owners 20 years ago. In the last couple of supposedly pivotal elections, voter turnout has been pathetic. Joe Bob wants to yell at me about "the ban," but he doesn't know which one. He hasn't made even the most perfunctory attempt to contact his representatives. Heck, he can't even name them.

Sorry gang, but when the vast majority of gun owners can't be troubled to so much as get off the couch, we deserve what we get.
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