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Rifles are very nice. And the history you've written is indeed interesting. Curious about one thing troutcreek. Do you have an idea when these events happened?
A ball park answer concerning the dates would be more than sufficient. I like a good old time story like everyone else here. But when there dated. Sir that makes it even more interesting for us history buffs._

Good point Sure Shot...
I don’t recall all the details but I’ve been Investigating.

The original rifle was owned by John Shaw (the young man). I met Mr. Shaw when I was quite young in the late 50’s, he was elderly at the time. He seemed ancient to me but I was 6 or 7 years old so my perspective may not have been the best. Like I said before he was a good friend of my Grandparents. My Grandmother in particular who helped and befriended him. I believe John passed away in the early 60’s but don’t know the year. I don’t exactly know why but I believe that Mr. Shaw was born and raised in Michigan (I’m trying to confirm this now). The rifle ownership passed to my Grandmother in the 60’s then to my parents in the early 70’s.

The flintlock version was made by my father Raymond Taylor sometime between 1976 to 1980 and my gut feel is that it was made in 1979.

Take care, I wish I knew more..
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