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"Regarding .308 for 1k; to each his own. It's well documented that it's capable of going to 1k and beyond assuming you have enough range in your optic for hold-overs / dopes, and can make the wind call."

Good point... shooting the .308 at 1000 yards is not as hard as many make it sound. You have to learn to dope with with any cartridge--no matter how efficient the bullet is. If we wish to avail ourselves of the flatter trajectory and reduced wind drift of longer, skinnier bullets, that's all well and good--but if we fudge the wind call, we're nearly as apt to miss with a 6.5/284 as with a .308 win.

On our last long range match, I shot my 10FP (LE2B) Savage .308 against mostly 6.5's and on the steel plates at ranges from 350 to 1040 yards, I outscored all of the 6.5's in the match--and many of the guys were very familiar with the course. I say that not to indicate there's anything all that special about me--because there's not; it's just that knowing your rifle and knowing how to dope the wind is the key. Your cartridge of choice is not really as important.

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