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Re: WSJ: Why Our Gun Debate is Off Target

Originally Posted by Fleabag View Post
"We're already divided. 100 million Gun owners. 4 million NRA members. You want to tell me how that's unified?"

Point made, point taken. Still, if you can influence the would be NRA backers into disliking the NRA before the issue rises to the point where they would back the NRA and become members themselves, it would promote their agenda, and I think he has one up his sleeve.
I do not believe he has nefarious intent any more than I have when I have suggested other liberal gun organizations to dyed in the wool Democrats who would rather puke than speak the word LaPierre.

Believe it or not, those people are not necessarilarly our opponents. And we push them away at our peril. We could do the lighten up and do ourselves some good.

But as far as other organizations go, they do not have to compete. They can compliment. The American Medical Association does not compete with the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. They compliment one another nicely.

Yes, the NRA needs to be more inclusive and grow substantially. But it needs to not feel threatened by other groups.

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