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Maybe the cause, maybe not


Same problem here (except fortunately I was at home). Mine was with a Sig p229 and the same holster. I was wondering if anyone else ever had that issue. For me, it appears the mag release it right at my hipbone...after a closer look, I notice a little holster wear from the mag release button. Do you carry right at, or maybe even a little in front of 3:00 (assuming right side carry)? I love the gun and holster but have been a little worried ever since.
I do have a little bit of wear right where the mag release is, and yes, I also carry right at the 3:00/3:30 postion. The wear that is present is very minor (especially after 3 years of use) as it is barely deep enough for the color to have worn off in that spot. I have the horseside rather than the cowhide that Crossbreed offers. I don't know about you, but I am a bigger guy (6'1", 250 lbs) with a little gut, so maybe the extra force of the spare tire pressing against the holster was enough to release the mag?

I was also worried about it, but was unable to replicate it on purpose, and it has never happened again since.
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