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My input...

The very 1st thing the US Govt & the federal level elected officials should do is to clean house & get the ATF/DoJ/DHS system in order.
There is NO formal dir of the ATF(aka BATFE). This is an ongoing issue for nearly 6/six FYs(fiscal years)!

Add to the "Fast & Furious" scandals and the major problems with ATF, I'd get those problems fixed FIRST, then set up new laws/agencies/SOPs/fees etc.
CNN did a few reports around 3/4 years ago about the ATF & the problems. The non fiction book; Under and Alone explains the major problems too. It was by an ex-ATF special agent who worked undercover in high profile criminal investigations of the Mongols motorcycle gang. The ATF agent was a SE Asia combat veteran & served in SF(special forces/18 series). He dealt with the fraud-waste-abuse.
CNN's report stated that the ATF had more citizen complaints & IG issues than the FBI & DEA together! The ATF by manpower was also a smaller federal agency.

Like how 9/11/2001 changed a lot of federal policy & federal laws, ending the INS(Immigration & Naturalization Service) and starting the US Dept of Homeland Security(DHS), Sandy Hook & the new "gun safety" policy should set up a better system where decent, law abiding citizens can buy-sell-possess firearms w/o conflicts or legal hassles.

As President Ronald W Reagan once stated; "The most dangerous words a US citizen can hear are; I'm from the federal government & I'm here to help."

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