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Hi, I just bought a rem 700 adl in a .223 and I am trying to reload some once fired lake city brass. My issue is that after a full length resize, trim, tumble and load, the 5.56 lake city wont actually fit in my chamber. Is it even possible that my chamber wont fit a 5.56 even after a full resize and trim? The empty brass alone wont even chamber. However I have a couple rounds of other surplus 5.56 ammo that fits fine. Dont know if its just lake city stuff or a remington thing(first remington I've owned). Any help you guys could give is appreciated as I have 1k+ lake city I'm sitting on. Thanks
The brass is no good pm me and I'll send you my address!!!! For your safety of course.

If however you want to keep them, post a pic of a sized case and unloaded you may have the die set incorrectly. What is you trimmed COL, Type of Die's? any 5.56 round will fit into the .223 chamber but due to pressures it is a no-no once fired 5.56 brass when resized properly will fit into any .223.
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