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Something to be wary of when buying an older Bearcat.
I got one many years ago that couldn't hit the ground if you dropped it. I could find nothing wrong with that little revolver and never figured out what was wrong with it. Timing was perfect, yet it spit lead worse than any revolver I'd ever run across.
The gunshop took it back in trade in on another pistol.

A few years back I found the answer.
Someone else had the same problem with their Bearcat and tracked down the cause.
A number of these revolvers got past quality control (which at times has been a joke) with no forcing cone cut in the barrel. The raw breech was chewing up the bullets and spitting peeled away bits out the gap.
Thats the one thing that it never occured to me to check.

So if buying an older Bearcat check for presence of the forcing cone.

Most likely the majority of the defective ones were sent back to the factory long ago or repaired. Still there are occasions when pistols were not fired much if any and the situation not recognized.
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